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Australian Building a Cultural Investigation

Australian Building is a survey of building methods in Australia from the beginning until about the 1950s, but overseas users should note that it contains a great deal of non-Australian material within it, on topics ranging from lehmwickel to terra cotta lumber.

It is designed to be published ultimately as a book, in which case it will be removed from the Web. In its present form it is not accompanied by the illustrations.

I would urge users to contact me, on the email address below, with additional information, corrections and comments.

The Portable Building

Australian Architectural Index

The Australian Architectural Index covers tender notices, published descriptions of buildings, illustrations, biographical details of architects and other material. Although it is Australia-wide in coverage, the bulk of the content so far is Victorian (and proposals to link other data bases in Australia will be welcome). It is strongest for the period about 1840 to 1910, but includes some later material. Read more

Melbourne Mansions

Melbourne Mansions is a searchable data base on major Melbourne houses of the nineteenth century, the result of a project funded by the Australian Research Council. A book based upon this material is in preparation, but is not mounted here. The data base can be searched by location, name of architect, &c. It contains internal provision for emailing comments back to me. Read more

E G Kilburn's American Photographs

E G Kilburn was an Australian architect who visited the United States in 1889 and obtained over a hundred photographs of recent architectural work. They include interesting details of entrances, domestic hallways, and restaurants and public spaces. A large proportion are from Chicago, but there are many others, and the architects represented include Adler & Sullivan, W A Bates, S S Beman, L S Buffington, Burling & Whitehouse, Burnham & Root, W W Clay, Cobb & Frost, J C Cochran, J J Flanders, Frank Furness, W L B Jenney, C H Johnston, Long & Kees, Edwin May, A B Mullett & Co, C W Palmer, Peabody & Stearns, G B Post, Reid & Reid, H H Richardson, J L Silsbee, Treat & Foltz, J Van Osdel, Wheelock & Clay, and Wilson & Marble. Read more

Some difficulties have recently been experienced in opening the Australian Building and Portable Buildings data bases. If you encounter problems in opening PDF documents, please make sure that PDFViewer plug-in is properly installed in your browser on your computer.