Edward George Kilburn Photographs: List of Photos 80-99

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80 image 80 13/13 '1640' obv: 'America' rev: - ? 4 st red brick, slightly French. block with three shops at ground floor
81 image 81 14/13 - obv: 'America' rev: - Chicago: Hotel Florence, 11111 S Forrestville Ave. Pullman, by SS Beman, 1881 [ref Payne, Sinkevitch, p 470] symmetrical complex composition of 2/3 storeys plus attic, ground floor verandah
82 image 82 15/13 '1815' obv: 'St Paul' rev: 'Miles & Johnson / St. Paul' St Paul, Minnesota: Casey block, possibly by Clarence Johnston [no Miles on record] 3 storey sub-Romanesque block with a central entrance and a ground floor shop either side, labelled 'Casey' over the entrance.
83 image 83 16/13 - obv: 'America' rev: - ? Richardsonian Byzantine/ Romanesque square tower with a tight colonnaded rotunda and conical roof, attached to a church with a Romanesque wheel window.
84 image 84 17/13 '2016' 'J.W. Taylor's Architectural Photographic Series, 146 La Salle Stree[t]' [added by hand: '151 Monroe St Chicago'] obv: 'Philadelphia' rev: 'Depot - Philadelphia' First Unitarian Church, Chestnut & Van Pelt Sts, by Frank Furness, 1883-6 (ref Thomas et al, p 246) Gutsy porch with stubby columns, foliated capitals, segmental arches.
85 image 85 18/13 '1394' 'J.W. Taylor, Chicago, 151 Monroe St' obv: 'Goelet Cottage Newport U.S.A' rev: 'Goelet Cottage / Newport R.I.' Newport, Rhode Island: Goelet Cottage. A large and most uncottageonous house with a main wing of a two storeys plus an attic consisting of a long gable roof with six large dormer windows; an arcaded loggia type verandah, and a pointed dome pavilion and rear wing visible to one side.
86 image 86 19/13 '4029' obv: 'Pittsburg [sic] - Bridge of Sighs City Hall' rev: 'Pittsburg Pa / Bridge of Sighs City Hall / By Richardson' Pittsburgh: Alleghany County Buildings, by H H Richardson, 1883-8 View of the bridge with the gaol to the left and the court / administration buildig to the right, road surface unfinished.
87 image 87 20/13 - obv: 'America' rev: - view of A school for Pullman, by S S Beman. Another view is in the Ryerson Library, Art Institute of Chicago, in the S.S.Beman Collection on Pullman, call # 2001.6, Portfolio 3 [information from David Swan, 2004]. Brick possible school building, 2 storeys with 3 storey centre and a quasi-tower with a saddleback roof.
88 image 88 21/13 '[..] Taylor, Chicago, 151 Monroe St' '2687' obv: 'Cotton Exchange New Orleans' rev: 'New Orleans / Cotton Exchange' New Orleans: Cotton Exchange, 1881 4 storey corner building with mansard roof in a rich Baroque / Second Empire style, with caryatids, pedimental sculpture &c, labelled '1881' and 'Cotton Exchange'.
89 image 89 22/13 '2297' obv: 'America' rev: - Douglas County Courthouse, Omaha, Nebraska (information from James Cravatt 2006) Rectangular building on a hill, 2 storeys plus basement, square colonnaded tower with dome above, suggestive of a legislative building or court house (neo-Romanesque church tower in background).
90 image 90 23/13 '2119' obv: 'Milwaukee U.S.A' rev: 'Milwaukee ' E T Nihr. E T Mix, Archt' Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Railroad Depot, Michigan Ave, Milwaukee, by E T Mix, 1886 (Gurda p 138; Szczesny-Adams) Symmetrical 2 storey brick Romanesque block with a sizeable central clocktower.
91 image 91 24/13 '1137' obv: 'Mills Buildings New York' rev: 'Mills Building / New York' New York: Mills Building, by G B Post, 1881-3 [Weisman, p pp 461-2; Lewis & Morgan, p 41, references p 145] 11 storey block in the form of a U, open to the street, but that the centre is filled for two levels with an arched entry and staircase.
92 image 92 1/14 '3077' obv: 'Chicago' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: 'Chicago / Wilson and Marble' [plus Kilburn's stamp] Chicago: by Wilson and Marble Detail of a Byzanto-Romanesque entry porch to a rock faced apparently residential building.
93 image 93 2/14 '4011' obv: 'Chicago' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: 'Chicago / Wilson and Marble' [plus Kilburn's stamp] Chicago: by Wilson & Marble Detail of an arched corner porch to a rock faced apparently residential building.
94 image 94 3/14 '1706' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / Burnham + Root' Chicago: by Burnham & Root [cf Lewis & Morgan p 72] Detail of a gutsy entry porch with clustered colonette piers, to a rock faced apparently residential building.
95 image 95 4/14 '560' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / Wheelock + Clay Ar' Chicago: M D Wells house, by Wheelock & Clay, c 1889 See no 19. Detail of a Franco-classical porch , to a Second Empire mansion.
96 image 96 5/14 '2426' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / Cobb + Frost Ar' Chicago: by Cobb & Frost 3 storey brick row house with stone oriel, dresssings and entry staircase.
97 image 97 6/14 'J.W.T 3023' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / by Wilson + Marble' Chicago: by Wilson & Marble Residential entry porch to a brick building, recessed behind a semicircular arch with stone piers.
98 image 98 7/14 '2413' obv: 'Chicago' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: 'Chicago / Burnham + Root' [plus Kilburn's stamp] Chicago: by Burnham & Root Entry porch to a random stone faced building, recessed behind a semicircular arch with a free form, almost Gaudian balustrade (influenced by the porch of Richardson's Trinity Rectory).
99 image 99 8/14 '701 Taylor / Photo' obv: 'Chicago'rev: 'Chicago / Peabody and Stearnes [sic]' Chicago: Lambert Tree house, by Peabody & Stearns, 1883-4 [Lewis & Morgan p 134] Façade and recessed entry porch to a three storey rock faced building, with some carved foliated details and a trabeated porch or verandah just visible on one side.