Edward George Kilburn Photographs: List of Photos 60-79

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60 image 60 17/11 '4119 Hotel del Coronado - White and Gold Drawing Room - Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal. Faber Photo., San Francisco.' obv: 'America' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: [Kilburn's stamp] San Diego, California: Hotel del Coronado, Coronado Beach, by Reid & Reid (mainly James W Reid), 1887-8 [Smith (3), pp 148-9] Credited with introducing the steel frame to the West Coast [Barrett, ref Architect and Engineer of California, November 1910, p 37] Drawing room with white joinery and furniture.
61 image 61 18/11 '4183 Reading and Chess Rooms, Hotel del Coronado, Coronado Beach, Cal. Faber Photo., San Francisco.' obv: 'America'rev: - Hotel del Coronado View from one room to the next through a rectangular opening, both with panelled dados and coffered ceilings
62 image 62 19/11 '4192 Bar-room, Hotel del Coronado, Coronado Beach, Cal. Faber Photo., San Francisco.' obv: 'No 3' 'America' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: [Kilburn's stamp] Hotel del Coronado Bar with a projecting polygonal corner, and a sort of baldacchino.
63 image 63 20/11 '4106 Hotel del Coronado - Office - Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal. Faber Photo., San Francisco.' obv: 'America' rev: - Hotel del Coronado Double height room with lounge seating, upper balcony, counter at rear - presumably reception area.
64 image 64 21/11 'B 4291 Hotel del Coronado - Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal. Faber Photo., San Francisco.' obv: 'America' rev: - Hotel del Coronado External view with complex massing, about 6 storeys high, giant conical corner pavilion.
65 image 65 22/11 'B 4291 Hotel del Coronado - Bridal Chamber - Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal. Faber Photo., [cropped]' obv: 'America' rev: - Hotel del Coronado Insipid interior with triple arcade across.
66 image 66 23/11 '1757' obv: 'America' rev: 'Ravenswood Ill / J. C. Cochran Arch' Ravenswood, Illinois: All Saints Episcopal Church, 4550 N Hermitage Ave, by JC Cochran, 1883 [ref Payne, Sinkevitch, p 223] Church interior with a Mayan arch section, ornamental frieze and pseudo-hammer beams below.
67 image 67 24/11 '2314' obv: 'America' rev: - ? Interior of what looks like a legislative chamber, with deep coved and panelled ceiling, rich plaster ornament, raked upper gallery, two concentric semicircles of desks & seats.
68 image 68 1/13 '1694' [twice] obv: 'America' rev: - ? Three storey brick row with shop windows at ground floor, canted oriel bays with domes, decorative banked chimneys on façade, central plate reading ';...WN', and 'Dr. Shaw' on one window.
69 image 69 2/13 ? '1486' obv: 'Ohio' rev: 'Ohio / Churly[?] + Clay' Chicago: Kinsley Building, see no 27 Four storey building with stilted arches and intricate Islamic relief decoration. Adjoining building is G. Jochem's Post Office Exchange
70 image 70 3/13 embossed: 'Bedford Lewers & Co / 141, Strand, London' obv: 'America' rev: - London Three storey medievalising building with mainly Gothic arches and a central tower. friezes at gable height seem to show occupations, suggesting that this is an educational building
71 image 71 4/13 - obv: 'Milwaukee' rev: - Milwaukee: Michaud Block, 1885 Three storey block with central entrance and flanking shops at ground floor, elegant sub-Romanesque detailing, labels '1885', 'Michaud Block'
72 image 72 5/13 '2279' obv: 'Omaha' rev: 'Omaha Nev, [sic] / By Mendelsohne + Fisher' Omaha, Nebraska OR Kansas City, Missouri Four storey block in rock-faced sub-Romanesque. Adjoining property is '... Notion Company. 405'
73 image 73 6/13 '2279' obv: 'Kansas City USA' rev: 'Kansas City - / Ohio' Omaha, Nebraska OR Kansas City, Missouri Same picture as previous, slightly different cropping.
74 image 74 7/13 '51' obv: 'Kansas City USA' [sic]rev: 'Kansas City' Chicago: Borden Block, West Randolph & Dearborn Sts, by Adler & Sullivan, 1879-80, demolished 1910 [Condit, Rise of the Skyscraper, pp 22, 46] 7 storey building, labelled 'Borden Block'.
75 image 75 8/13 '5053 / J.W. Taylor, Chi' obv: 'Baltimore' rev: 'Baltimore' Baltimore: Hutzler Brothers building 5 storey Byzantine-Romanesque building, with a Moresque central arch, labelled 'Hutzler Brothers'.
76 image 76 9/13 '1450' obv: 'St Paul USA' rev: 'Hodgson St[...] / St Paul / Minn' Chicago: Home Insurance Building, La Salle & Adams Sts, by W L B Jenney 1892, dem 1931. Turak, William Le Baron Jenney, pp 237-263 Home Insurance building.
77 image 77 10/13 '1869' obv: 'Minneapolis USA' rev: 'Minneapolis / Buffington' Minneapolis: Boston block, by Buffington, 1881-6. 6 storey plus mansard corner block with pyramidal pavilion roofs at corners, labelled '1881' and 'Boston Block', apparently not quite complete, and with 'Buffington / Architect' across three windows.
78 image 78 11/13 - obv: 'St Paul USA' rev: 'St Paul / Flanders Ar' St Paul, by Flanders [could be John J Flanders, but that he doesn't seem to have been in private practice prior to Kilburn's visit]. modest 3 st block with a ground floor shop and at the top floor a shingle-hung cantilevered window bay.
79 image 79 12/13 '1873' obv: 'Lumber exchange Minn.' rev: 'Minneapolis / Minn / Long + Kees' Minneapolis, Minnesota: Lumber Exchange, by Long & Kees 10 st rock-faced block, labelled 'Lumber Exchange'.