Edward George Kilburn Photographs: List of Photos 40-59

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40 image 40 13/9 '8020 / J W Taylor' obv: 'Palmer House Chicago' 'No 6' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: 'Palmer House / Chicago' [plus Kilburn's stamp] Chicago: Palmer House Dining room with glazed dome over square central area, supported on Corinthian columns. Same as the erngraving from The Palmer House Illustrated,1876, reproduced in Bruegmann, p 18.
41 image 41 14/9 '8022 / J W Taylor' 'Palmer House' obv: 'Palmer House Chicago' 'No 1' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: 'Palmer House / Chicago' [plus Kilburn's stamp] Chicago: Palmer House Semicircular library or writing room with Moresque decoration, fully glazed ceiling, stained glass partition panels: tables with writing surfaces, other chairs in line facing an arched niche with a Mogul alfiz.
42 image 42 15/9 '848' 'J. W. Taylor, Chicago, 151 Monroe St' obv: 'Oriental Hall'rev: 'Oriental Hall / Chicago' Chicago: Oriental Hall, American Express Building, 76 Monroe Street, by H H Richardson 1884, decoration probably by Thomas Moses & David Strong of Sosman and Landis, ref Moore, Masonic Temples, p 81. Long room with Moresque decoration, billowing vaults carried on multifoil arches and brackets.
43   image 43 16/9 - obv: 'Oriental Hall'rev: 'Oriental Hall' Chicago: Oriental Hall, American Express Building Same room, looking towards an organ at one end.
44 image 44 1/11 Printed mount: 'Runnels & Stateler ' No. 957 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.' obv: 'Maison Riché America' 'E.G. Kilburn 20. / Melbourne'rev: 'Maison Riché / Cor. Geary + Dupont' [plus printed material - see below] San Francisco: Maison Riché, corner Geary & Dupont Sts. Dining room in two compartments with a central column, sub-Moresque geometric filler paper and tiled dado, furnished with multiple round tables.
45 image 45 2/11 Runnels & Stateler printed mount. obv: 'Library Buckley [sic]' 'E.G. Kilburn / Melbourne 13'rev: '#29 / State University Library / Berkeley' [plus printed material - see below] Berkeley: Library of the University of California at Berkeley Three storey circular space, two levels with iron columns and balcony, radiating bookstacks; third level with balustraded gallery.
46 image 46 3/11 Runnels & Stateler printed mount. obv: 'Olympic Club Gymnasium' 'E.G. Kilburn 19 / Melbourne'rev: 'Olympic Club / Gymnasium' [plus printed material - see below] Chicago: Olympic Club Gymnasium. Two storey high gymnsium with open timber trussed roof & balcony all around upper level.
47 image 47 4/11 Runnels & Stateler printed mount. obv: 'America' 'E.G. Kilburn / Melbourne / 9'rev: 'J.J. O'Brien' '#125 / Establishment of / J.J. OBrien + Co / Dry Goods' [plus printed material - see below] Chicago: J.J. O'Brien store. Large columnar room with skylight, banks of drawers with bolts of cloth &c on top - more suggestive of mercery than dry goods.
48 image 48 5/11 - obv: 'West Hotel Mineapolis [sic]'rev: 'West Hotel / Mineapolis [sic]' / Wm Buffington / Archt.' Minneapolis: West Hotel, by L S Buffington. Tall dining room with Moresque decoration.
49 image 49 6/11 '1082' obv: 'New York Life'rev: 'New York. Life' ? New York Life building. Looks like a periodicals reading room, 2 storeys high with marble colums and upper gallery along one side.
50 image 50 7/11 - obv: 'San Francisco'rev: 'Diamond Palace / Montgomerie Street / San Francisco' San Francisco: Diamond Palace, Montgomerie St Large jeweller's shop with mirrors, glass cabinets, crystal ?gaseliers. coved & panelled ceiling with trompe l'oeil painting.
51 image 51 8/11 '2856' obv: 'Indianapolis'rev: 'Indianapolis State / Interior / C.D. May' Indianapolis State Capitol, by Edwin May Tall hall filled with tables, each taking two seats, and at one end a raised desk and seat.
52 image 52 9/11 '1404' obv: 'Malden Library Mass.'rev: 'Malden Library Mass / By Richardson' Massachusetts: Converse Memorial Library, Malden (near Boston), by H H Richardson 1884- [Van Rensselaer, pp 78, 81, 83] Elegant 2 storey height timber barrel-vaulted library interior with balconies to upper level stacks.
53 image 53 10/11 'B 2379 Dining Room, Palace Hotel''Faber Photo., San Francisco' obv: 'America'rev: - San Francisco, Palace Hotel Long dining room with Roman Doric ordonnance & coffered ceiling
54 image 54 11/11 '1421' obv: 'Military Rooms. New York'rev: 'New York / 7th Regiment Army New York: 7th Regiment headquarters Barrel vaulted library with mezzanine gallery & shelving. metal screens.
55 image 55 12/11 - obv: 'Minneapolis'rev: 'Minneapolis / By [?Sayler]' Minneapolis: ?hotel Large dining room with coved and panelled ceiling, somewhat Moresque decoration.
56 image 56 13/11 '4021' obv: 'City Hall Pittsburg [sic]'rev: 'Pittsburg Pa. / City Hall / By H.H. Richardson' Pittsburgh: probably Alleghany County Buildings, by H.H. Richardson, 1883-8 [Van Rensselaer, pp 89-91] Interior view near base of stair, with very simple semicircular arches, barrel vaults and cross vaults, ornamented only with foliated capitals and impost band.
57 image 57 14/11 '5005' obv: 'Union Depôt. Indianapolis'rev: 'Indianapolis Depôt / Union Depôt. ' Indianapolis: Union Depôt Public room with teller's window, a central seat around a column, and a screen with a Mozarab arcade [apparently based upon S Miguel de la Escalada].
58 image 58 15/11 '2652' obv: 'No 7' 'America' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: 'Milwaukee' [plus Kilburn's stamp] Milwaukee: ?hotel Bar and dining area: a large disc behind the bar bears the letters 'Franz ... ann'.
59 image 59 16/11 '2091 J.W. Taylor's Architectural Photographic Series, 146 La Salle Street, Chicago' obv: 'State House Hartford USA.'rev: 'Hartford. Conn / State House' Hartford, Connecticut: State House Tall court room with Gothic windows, timber gallery.