Edward George Kilburn Photographs: List of Photos 20-39

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20 image 20 *16/5 '2517 / J.W. Taylor, Chicago, 151 Monr[oe St]' [cut off] obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chambers of Commerce / Staircase Chicago / W.W. Buffington A [cut off]' Chicago: Chamber of Commerce: could be Baumann & Huehl's Chamber of Commerce building, 1888-9, dem 1926 [illustrated in Condit, Rise of the Skyscraper, p 65; also Randall p 49, giving the construction date as 1890 - which cannot be correct - and the demolition as 1928]. three levels of staircase, climbing around open metal lift cages, gallery with floors in ?lino.
21 image 21 3/7 '1754' obv: 'Ball Room Chicago' rev: 'R[..]sleys Ballroom / Chicago' Chicago: R[..]sleys Ballroom end of a tall room with a corner fireplace and a gallery over.
22 image 22 4/7 '7061 IWT / Union Club Chi' obv: 'Union League Club Chicago' rev: 'Union League Club' Chicago: Chicago, Union League Club, 110-114 Jackson St, by W L B Jenney 1887 [Randall, pp 111, 158] dining room with table in foreground, Byzantine columns, inglenook and fireplace, bar.
23 image 23 6/7 '8025 / J W D' obv: 'Chicago' rev: - Chicago end of a room, windows flanking a fireplace with a plain brick rectangular surround, & Franco-Byzantine superstructure
24 image 24 9/7 '2537 LWT.' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chicago' Chicago dining room with deep coved ceiling, interesting glazed tile chimneypiece and ornate wall clock
25 image 25 10/7 '155' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / Mullet + Ristau[...]' Chicago: by Silsbee, probably before 1885 [ref Payne] hall with stair at one end, fireplace with highly elaborate Gothic arcaded superstructure
26 image 26 12/7 '2399' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / by Silsbee' Chicago: house by Silsbee. Could be Potter Palmer house, 1874, or J L Silsbee house, 1889. end of room with bookcases, chimneybreast flanked by abacus top screens, rectangular fireplace and tiled surround, classical timber overmantel with mirrors
27 image 27 13/7 - obv: 'Kinsleys Resaurant Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / Kinsleys Resaurant' Chicago: Kinsley Building, 105-107 Adams St, by F L Charnley (or Charnley & Clay), 1885 [Lowe, p 188; Randall pp 110, 165]. See also no 69. rectangular corner fireplace with sub-Talbertian surround, no chimneypiece over, papered walls
28 image 28 1/9 'Pullman. 2. arcade from N.W. / J.W. Taylor, Publisher / 146 La Salle St, Chicago' obv: 'Pullman Chicago' rev: - Chicago: Pullman Arcade (Administration) Building, cnr East 111th St & South Cottage Grove Avenue, by S S Beman, 1880-2. The central 3 storey portion, which housed the offices of the Pullman Palace Car Company, survives, the flanking wings, extending a total length of 210 metres, do not. [Condit, Rise of the Skyscraper, p 203; Bach & Wolfson, p 328; Bruegmann, p 28; Lowe, pp 60-61, Pullmania web site] angle view of building, mainly 2 & 3 storeys broken up into pavilions, with mansard roofs at centres each elevation.
29 image 29 2/9 'Pullman. 2. arcade from N.W. / J.W. Taylor, Publisher / 146 La Salle St, Chicago' obv: 'Pullman Chicago' rev: - Chicago: Pullman Arcade identical view, slightly clearer
30 image 30 3/9 'Pullman. 2. arcade from N.W. / J.W. Taylor, Publisher / 146 La Salle St, Chicago' obv: 'Pullman Chicago' rev: - Chicago: Pullman Arcade identical view, substantially better contrast
31 image 31 4/9 'Pullman. [...] detail of South Entrance. / J.W. Taylor [Publisher] / 146 La Salle St, Chicago' obv: 'Pullman Chicago' rev: - Chicago: Pullman Arcade detail of entrance to arcade in previous building, with an arcaded corbel table of an almost Furnessian character across the bressummer
32 image 32 5/9 'L W - Taylor - Photo Chi''853 / Pullman Bldg / JWT''[the 'L' is probably a 'J' in reverse, written backwards on the neg] obv: 'Pullman Buildings Chicago' rev: 'Pullman Buildings / Chicago / S.S. Beman / Architects' Chicago: Pullman Building [offices], 200 South Michigan Avenue, sw cnr Adams St, by S S Beman, 1884 (replaced by the Borg-Warner Building in 1958) [Condit, Rise of the Skyscraper, p 203; Bach & Wolfson, p 15; Randall p 100; 1883-4, pp 49-50, Pullmania web site] corner view of 9 st building with angle turret, mainly segmental arch openings
33 image 33 6/9 '2103' obv: 'Pullman Chicago' rev: 'Pulman [sic] Bldg / S.S. Beman / Chicago' Chicago: Pullman Building [offices] detail within main archway of previous, looking towards the exterior: square glazed skylights, Sullivanesque ornament
34 image 34 7/9 '852' obv: 'Pulman [sic] Blds Chicago' rev: 'Pulman [sic] Bldgs / Chicago' Chicago: Pullman Building [offices] archway rto stairwell, apparently within the previous bldg
35 image 35 8/9 '272' obv: 'Pullman Chicago' rev: 'Pulman [sic] Block / Chicago / Mr Beeman Arch' Chicago: Pullman Building [offices] detail of grd fl arcade & first floor windows with one edge of main arch
36 image 36 10/9 '2117' obv: 'Chicago' rev: 'Pulman [sic] Bdgs / Chicago / S Beman Arch' Chicago: Pullman Building [offices] interior space with glazed screen & doors, glazed roof lights, balustraded edges of two light or stair wells
37 image 37 11/9 [A] - obv: 'Pulman [sic] Block Chicago' rev: 'Chicago / Pulman [sic] Block / Beeman [sic] Ar' Chicago: Pullman Building [offices] same as previous
38 image 38 11/9 [B] '5069 Taylor' obv: 'Palmer House Chicago' 'No 2' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: 'Palmer House / Barber Shop / Chicago' [plus Kilburn's stamp] Chicago: Palmer House Large barber's saloon with mirrors down either side & facing armchairs, central columns, elaborate Gothic marble stand with basins
39 image 39 12/9 '8023 / J.W.T' obv: 'Palmer House Chicago' 'No 3' [plus Kilburn's stamp]rev: [Kilburn's stamp] Chicago: Palmer House III, 17 East Monroe St, by J M Van Osdel & C W Palmer, 1874-5 (first fireproof hotel), replaced 1925 [Bach & Wolfson, p 44; Witheys, pp 616-7; Bruegmann, pp 16-18; Zukowsky, pp 268-9]. Large reception rm with elaborate shallow relief decoration on ceiling, ?stencilled wall surfaces; Corinthian pilastrated piers at one side, occasional chairs &c.